Red button. HBBTV developers

104 CUBES. Specialists in the creation of TV applications for any Smart TV and specially for the hbbtv technology (Red Button).

We develop real time, interactive applications for hbbtv.

The proposal is also aimed at DTT radios, which can signal their red button app, giving the DTT viewer of the radio an even better experience.
The digital radio can offer an enriched experience that will be able to navigate with his remote control between interactive menus and the speaker will be able configure live templates in real time, to personalize his program with live related media contents, including streaming from the set or from the correspondents’ phones, social media or multimedia uploaded and published in real time.

HBBTV technology allows to expand the viewer’s experience by offering interactive applications:

We generate the second screen app that allows you to interact with the public, and allow them to use their mobiles as a remote control of your Red button, set top box or any smart TV channel.

Simple to use content manager to create the TV WebApps that are represented in the TV that generates two applications. The TV APP, and the mobile APP or tablet that can be operated as a remote control.

  • TV on demand.
    TV or Radio à la carte operable with the remote control of the TV from the DTT itself with hbbtv technology.
  • Notifications
    Real time alerts and personalized notifications
  • Conditional access
    Possibility of new sources of income and diversification of the advertising offer or access by means of payment to certain contents. A clear ROI
  • Games
    Games that can be operated with the remote control of the TV or from the mobiles of the users launched from the DTT itself
  • Personalization
    The user can generate their experiences that will be ready for future sessions. Real smart TV that helps the user to make decisions or interact with other users to enrich their experience
  • Chats
    Communication between users in real time through their mobile phones and / or TV watching the result in real time on TV
  • Social media on TV in real time
    It allows users to participate in the content and create content for the channel. Social networks updated in real time on TV
  • Interactivity from users’ mobiles
    Users can interact with a particular screen without affecting (if we do not want) what other users see, through social networks or with Ad Hoc applications created by 104 CUBES. Custom screens
  • Alternative streamings, multi camera, multi device.
    We give services that allow to generate a streaming in a very simple way, which will be seen in the red button and Smart TV apps in real time. Combine the DTT signal with live streaming from correspondents or radio sets. Allow the user to choose different cameras in an event …
  • Special templates for screens oriented to the public.
    After all that has been read, it falls from the box: Opportunity to give hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms or public centers, a personalized TV to combine the DTT with its information, its social networks and its own aesthetics.